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The history of Champagne CH. de L’AUCHE is also the history of the Maison des Vignerons de Germigny, Janvry, Rosnay, founded in Janvry in 1961.

The adventure began when 7 independent winegrowers decided to join forces and pool resources to buy a Dollat press together, which is still in use today.

Soon, vintners who shared the same values and passion as the founders joined the group. Together, they were bold enough to create a range of Blanc de Noirs Champagnes from their vineyards that are mostly planted with Pinot Meunier.

Established in Janvry, 15km west of Reims in a place known as “L’Auche”, they naturally chose this name for their Champagne.

Today, with 115 hectares spread over 40 vineyards, including some classified as Premier Cru, CH. de L’AUCHE Champagne relies on the tireless labour of 60 winegrowers who, day in, day out, tend their vines to obtain the highest quality grapes in order to craft great Champagnes.


Winegrowers who share the values of the Houses’ founding fathers and tend their vines using sustainable and integrated methods to produce the very best grapes.

Sustainable viticulture that respects the vines, the soil and the environment.

Skilful blending to reveal the wealth and extraordinary personality of Pinot Meunier.

Ageing longer than Appellation requirements in order to offer perfectly accomplished Champagnes.

Passion for Pinots and bringing out the best in them, with an extremely finely-crafted and considered range of Champagnes.

The expertise of our Cellar Master, who brings out the best in the grapes with vinification that respects local Champagne traditions, whilst still allowing the wines to express their individuality.

Respect for human beings, vines and grapes as a founding principle.

The desire and will to work together to give visibility and to promote our terroir and our Pinot Meunier.


Our Cellar Master’s expertise also depends on his close relationship with our winegrowers. They organise the harvesting together, including the order in which the plots of vines are harvested depending on the grapes’ maturity.

Thanks to their precise selection coupled with plot-by-plot vinification, our Cellar Master disposes of a palette of still wines that are a perfect reflection of our terroir’s rich diversity.

He then prepares the blends, using reserve wines from several previous years that he has carefully preserved in order to complete the year’s wines and thus guarantee the CH. de L’AUCHE Champagne style.

We “listen” to our wines, giving our Champagnes the time to reach full maturity in our dark cellars, leaving them to age for longer than required by Appellation regulations, so that we can offer perfectly accomplished, balanced and generous cuvées.